Our Events

Colonial South hosts two major events each year in the Charleston lowcountry. Our events are focused on Charleston during the Colonial Era and the American Revolution, and are an interactive, family-friendly way to experience living history.

Siege of Charles Town: February 17-18
The Siege of Charleston, by Alonzo Chappel

The Siege of Charles Town is a full-scale, two-day reenactment each February of the Siege of Charleston, which occurred from March 29 to May 12, 1780. The Siege of ¬†Charles Town was one of the most crucial battles of the American Revolution, and the Continental defeat at Charles Town would cripple American forces in the South. We are proud to represent this important event in our nation’s history. The battle reenactment represents a section of what the 42 day siege could have looked like, including fortifications and artillery. There is also a camp for visitors, where guests are encouraged to ask the speakers or reenactors questions about the period. Units conduct military drills and soldiers and camp women perform the daily tasks necessary to run a Revolutionary-period encampment.

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Colonial Charles Towne Fest
The Liberty Flag at Fort Sullivan, June 28 1776.

Colonial Charles Towne Fest, or CCTF, is a yearly, inclusive festival covering multiple periods in the colonial era, including the Golden Age of Piracy and the American Revolution. Spectators will be involved in multiple interactive events, including a pirate trial, a parade, and an occupation of the historic district. CCTF seeks to engage visitors in Colonial history as not only spectators, but also as participants. This year, CCTF is proud to celebrate Carolina Day, in honor of South Carolina’s victory at Fort Sullivan in 1776.

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Reenactor Participation

If you are a reenactor and you or your unit are interested in particpating in either the Siege of Charles Towne or CCTF, please contact Sean Wallis at sean@colonialsouthevents.com. If you would like more information, please see our reenactor FAQ.